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Marin County Fair - Over the Moon

Speaker this Thursday!  China Camp, by Ed Lai

Join MHM and the County of Marin in celebrating one of Marin's biggest  annual events. The Fair opens July 3rd, 2019 and runs through July 7th. Come to the Exhibition Hall to see the Museum's exhibiton on "Over the Moon." Tickets can be purchased ​​​​​ here  starting March 15th.
Join us as we journey back in time to see life as it was along the San Pablo shoreline in the mid 1800s. China Camp State Park Docent Ed Lai will tell the story of 19th century China Camp as it is woven into the larger experience of the Chinese-American diaspora.

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By Scott Fletcher 

Search MHM's database of digital images and data from the Artifact, Photography, and Library & Archive Collections. These span from maps, paintings, tools, to clothing. As well as objects and photos from the 1906 Earthquake, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marinship, Hamilton Field, Northwest Pacific Railroad & Ferry Company, San Quentin Prison, personal effects of arctic explorer Louise Boyd, and, most significantly, the Ed Brady Aerial Photo Collection.
Volunteer Scott Fletcher researches, writes and locates a companion photograph for Marin's almost forgotten history. History Watch is featured in the Marin IJ twice a month and can be found here as soon as it is published
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HIstory from all Sources
Marin's history drawn from past articles, newlsetters and our biannual history magazine, the Bulletin. BEWARE! You'll find yourself going down the rabbit hole of hypnotizing history. From the County's ol' watering holes to St. Patrick's Day celenbrations to Marin's most famous murders - you'll find it here.
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Through the generosity of individuals, families and organizations, the Marin History Museum has amassed a collection of some 20,000 artifacts, 200,000 photographs and countless books, ephemera, histories and curiosities that tell the story of Marin and its people.



Celebrating Marin Since 1935
The Marin History Museum’s mission is to celebrate the traditions, innovation and creativity of the people of Marin County, California.  Through exhibitions and educational programs built around the expertise of noted historians and an unparalleled collection, the Museum inspires honor for the past, an understanding of the present and an imagination of the future.
Supporting the Museum Through Knowledge
The Museum has dozens of history books by local authors. Explore the glens and valleys of Marin County through books like MHM's own  Modern San Rafael 1940-2000, or  Chief Marin by Betty Goerke, and the most recent arrival,  It Happened in Marin by Jim Holden. These titles and more are available here on the Museum's website.