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The Marin History Museum

  Celebrating Marin Since 1935

The Marin History Museum’s mission is to celebrate the traditions, innovation and creativity of the people of Marin County, California.  Through exhibitions and educational programs built around the expertise of noted historians and an unparalleled collection, the Museum inspires honor for the past, an understanding of the present and an imagination of the future.

In its 80 years, the Marin History Museum has amassed a collection of some 20,000 artifacts, 200,000 historic photographs and volumes of county scholarship, oral history and only-in-Marin curiosities. The Museum’s collection is central to its many public programs including exhibits, lectures, walks and classroom activities.  The collection is also a critical resource for historians, students and other researchers. 

The Museum’s efforts extend beyond its own collection, helping preserve numerous places, structures and artifacts central to Marin history and documenting important people, places, events and institutions in its publications. 

Following a challenging period for the Museum, in March 2016 the Marin County Supervisors selected a replacement Board of Directors to “preserve Marin’s history for the next generation.”  Since then, the new board, a small professional staff and scores of dedicated volunteers are revitalizing the Museum – reopening the Craemer Family Collection Facility to the community, mounting exhibits and re-vivifying educational programs throughout the county and making the Museum collections more accessible through online and social media initiatives.

While tremendous progress has been made, significant challenges remain for the Marin History Museum, not the least of which is establishing a new home for the collection and its programs.   The Museum is confident that the generous members, donors and volunteers of Marin will ensure that the Museum will indeed preserve Marin History for the next generation.


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