Boyd Gate House, Circa 1890

Boyd Gate House, Circa 1890

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Boyd Gate House Re-opened.  

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The Marin History Museum - The Boyd Gate House, San Rafael, CA

The Marin History Museum - The Boyd Gate House, San Rafael, CA

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Downtown San Rafael circa 1880


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Louse Boyd

Louse Boyd

Louise Boyd

A women of historic firsts, Louise Boyd explored the globe.

In scrapbooks curated at the Marin History Museum, news clippings from newspapers around the world, in several languages, proclaim the events in Louise Boyd’s life. “Arctic Diana,” “The Girl Who Tamed the Arctic,” read the headlines. The old Independent Journal announces the gala receptions for the Marin Music Chest. And then there are little clippings about a dinner for several friends or a tea to raise money for a worthy cause.

These two phases of Louise Boyd’s life lie side by side on the scrapbook page; the Arctic explorer and the society woman. Louise Boyd was a paradox. She seemed to slip from one lifestyle to the other so easily. It has always been a puzzle how Louise Boyd accomplished the transition so gracefully.


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