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A Red Cross Girl:

Erna Torney's Story

This is the story of Erna Torney, mother to local historian, Richard Torney.

Erna was a Red Cross girl who served on a B-24 Air Force base in England during WWII.

Her story is part of the Museum's oral history program.

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering to do more oral histories like this one.
Trains of Marin
"Trains of Marin" is a documentary film in two parts that combines interviews, reenactments, music and historic footage and photographs to dramatize the true story of the 1910 train accident in Ignacio, California.

Part one is on the left and part two is on the right.  Enjoy!

The Marin History Museum proudly presents two films created by
George Thelen

and his production company.

​China Camp State Park
Located on Point San Pedro on the shores of San Pablo Bay in Marin County, California, the region was originally settled by the native Coast Miwok Indians due to its' strategic location and bountiful fish and game. The area prospered as a Chinese shrimp fishing village in the late 1800's, and later fought off development, hanging on to its' rich history to become a California State Park.
Louise Arner Boyd, Arctic Explorer
One would have to search far and wide to find a more interesting, courageous and paradoxical woman than Louise Arner Boyd. Born into a rich and privileged Marin County family, she grew up a tomboy chasing after her two older brothers and riding horses in the rustic paradise of the San Francisco Bay area.